Ironing Cabinet

Ironing Alternatives

My iron has broken – and I have no money to buy a new one. But to be honest – I hate ironing anyway, and would love to hear some suggestions of what other people do to get out of doing the ironing. Any ironing alternatives would be great. Cheers.


Hi Zack, for a short term idea – why not hang your close up as soon as they are dry from the line, or tumble dryer. This will make the creases drop out. Some items of clothing do not need ironing – as their materials are designed to smooth and soften out after washing. Buy yourself some shirts and trousers that list this as a specific feature – non ironing clothing costs more, but will be a real time saver in the long run. Also, do not waste your time ironing socks, underwear or undergarments. If you have the money – you can also consider paying to have your ironing done. They delivery it back on hangers ready to go in your wardrobe.